Diode Lasers

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Diode lasers are small, efficient and versatile. Due to this they are appreciated by the OEM market as well as by R&D users. Our partners for diode lasers are Monocrom and Lasos.

Diode lasers are available in a wide range of output powers – from a few mW to 3 W, and wavelengths - from 405nm to 1064nm. Our product range consists of collimated and focusable versions and they can be modulated, water-proof, thermally stabilized and with fiber connectors. The latter version can include the fiber if requested. From our partners we have a large selection of standard modules, but we regularly design and manufacture based on customer specification.

Depending on the requirements, we can deliver anything from relatively simple modules consisting only of the laser diode, beam shaping optics and the housing, to thermally stabilized fiber coupled diode laser modules with excellent beam quality, which also will meet high requirements on noise specifications.

Suitable applications for diode lasers might be digital imaging, bioanalytical research, particle measurements, confocal microscopy, metrology, industrial measurements, positioning, alignment, aiming, testing, science, education or entertainment.