Laser Protection

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Optonyx can from Protect-Laserschutz offer access to experts in the production of laser safety, and can provide a large variety of laser safety products for all kinds of laser applications, e.g. industrial and medical, as well as for R&D.

When you contact us, the most appropriate laser safety product for your individual application will be determined by calculation of the necessary protection ratings based on the laser data and according to the relevant laser safety legislation, such as EN 207 and EN 208.

Laser protection eyewear can include protection filters available for lasers ranging from 193 nm to 10.6 um.

There are several different frame styles, in different materials and colours, giving different features and advantages.

Laser screens, curtains and cabins can be supplied with movable frames (on wheel), portable solutions and more robust and heavy frames.

Special medical products are also a part of our offering, such as patient’s eyewear and face shields.