Laser Diode Bar Assemblies

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Optonyx can offer soldering-free diode bar mounting technology from our partner Monocrom. ​They have developed a new concept of mounting high power laser diode bar assemblies, LDBA. In the patented technology the laser bars are clamped without soldering between two copper blocks. This gives the most reliable high power LDBA to our customers’ disposal.

The main features of the soldering-free concept of the clamp-mounting technology are:

- Long lifetime, due to the absence of the mechanical stress caused by the soldering process at high temperatures

- Minimum ‘‘smile’’, less than 0.5 mm

- High reliability in pulsed conditions, since the clamped bars do not suffer the same fatigue effect as the soldered ones due to the thermal cycle.

Different packaging of the LDBAs are possible. From single bars to stacks of bars reaching kW of power, from CW to nanosecond pulses, from visible to near-infrared, from conductive cooling to water-cooled housing, from free-space to fibre-coupled heads, and all adapted to customer requirements.

Suitable applications are in lasers for extreme environmental conditions, in lasers with pulsed-energy modes, as well as in lasers for material processing and metallic industry research.