Plane Gratings

plane-gratings-stage - i storleken w750 h308

ZEISS offers optimized gratings for various applications in the spectral range from 100 nm to 50 µm. The gratings are produced in mechanical ruling or holographically and may have echelette, sinus or laminar grating profile.​

Mechanically ruled ZEISS gratings distinguish by a particularly uniform groove spacing, resulting in low straylight. This ensures that spectrometers have a high detection sensitivity even for low-intensity signals and provide increased measurement accuracy in the visible and infrared ranges.

The benefits of holographically produced gratings are their high diffraction efficiency, even with high groove frequencies, and their very low straylight. Holographic procedures also allow the generation of asymmetric and symmetric groove profiles. Other benefits include shorter production times, no appearances of grating ghost images and scattered light reduced by a factor of 10.