Solid State Lasers

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Optonyx can provide Solid State Lasers (SSL) for a wide range of applications, and we offer SSLs from Lasos and Monocrom.

Lasos has an established OEM-laser standard, continuous-wave diode-pumped SSLs at several wavelengths. Output powers can be achieved up to 300 mW.

These SSLs utilize a sophisticated optical design and an intelligent power and temperature control unit which guarantee excellent long-term stability, low noise and exceptionally good beam quality.

Those characteristics are ideal for a variety of applications, such as DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, digital imaging, analytical chemistry, fast-flow-rate particle measurements or confocal microscopy.

Housed in compact and robust, hermetically closed packages, they are the perfect choice for design-in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems.

Monocrom has an SSL program consisting of High Power 532nm and 1064nm models. The SSLs can reach up to 5W with CW output power at 532 nm, and up to 100W CW at 1064nm. Pulsed lasers are also available. High power stability and good beam quality are two of the qualities given by an innovative multi-path laser resonator.

Monocrom high power SSLs can be provided in three different formats, laser heads, plug & play laser units and OEM systems. The OEM systems can be composed by separate parts, laser modules, cooling system and highly efficient drivers. Typical applications for High Power SSLs are marking, material treatment, laser animation, ophthalmology, dermatology and spectroscopy.