Speckle Reduction

LSR-5-17-E side view (3131x2109) rätt

Optotune's laser speckle reducers are nothing else than moving diffusers. But the way they are actuated is absolutely unique. Within a height of less than 1mm, electroactive polymers are used to generate an oscillating motion (e.g. 400µm travel at 300Hz). This electrostatic principle is very power-efficient and completely free of mechanics offering years of lifetime.

The following figure shows typical images of the speckle contrast measured on a reference setup with and without LSR. The colored lines show the cut planes that correspond to the intensity plot.


The LSR-3005 and LSR-3010 are designed for practical use on your optics table and integrates certified drive electronics powered through a single micro-USB connector (5VDC). For OEM applications, Optotune provides a miniaturized version of the LSR with minimal housing. The small size of the OEM version facilitates component integration into a sub-system (e.g. collimation optics) or system level (e.g. laser projection system). ​

​Optotune's laser speckle reducer is the ideal choice for application in:

  • Laser projection displays
  • Beam homogenizer
  • Metrology
  • Microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Lithography