Spectrometer Electronics

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In addition to a spectrometer module, a preamplifier, front end electronics and interface electronics are required for a spectrometer system. ZEISS and tec 5 has been long standing partners to provide state-of-the-art spectrometer electronics.

tec5 specializes in the development and production of electronic hardware components for the operation of detector arrays and spectral sensors as well as their integration with opto-electronic components. ​tec5’s electronics are state-of-the-art tailored for spectroscopic OEM devices.

​​tec 5's long partnership with ZEISS makes their electronics the perfect match for ZEISS spectrometer modules.

Benefits of the tec5 offering are:

​∎ Fast time-to-market using proven and reliable high-end technology

​∎ Modular, PC-based technology for high flexibility.

​∎ Ready to use software interfaces for C++, LabView, Visual Basic and Delphi.

Extensive engineering support for system integrators.

​∎ Continuous development for full life-cycle requirements and future compatibility.

The architecture of the software products for acquisition and processing of spectral data is based on a modular structure. Therefore, both ZEISS and tec5 software meets versatile, customer-specific requirements and allows flexible adjustment to different hardware configuration.

The flexibility and modularity makes tec5 electronics the perfect fit for OEM spectrometer systems.