Spectrometer Modules

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The most important benefits of modules from Optonyx are their compactness and their insensitivity to external influences. This ruggedness allows them to be directly integrated into processes as well as being outstanding OEM components. And the flexible design of the spectrometer modules make them suitable for use in many applications.

Optonyx offers spectrometer modules which feature both high repeatability and good resolving power. To achieve the robust design, all optical components are permanently connected to each other via a central body to minimize temperature and air pressure drift and influence from external vibrations.

Optonyx also offers spectrometers with choice between PDA or CCD detector array to cover the UV to NIR range 185 – 2200 nm.

​​The architecture of the software products for acquisition and processing of spectral data is based on a modular structure. Therefore, our software meets versatile, customer-specific requirements and allows flexible adjustment to different hardware configuration.